Entre hidrografia e infraestruturas urbanas: a microbacia hidrográfica do Tiquatira no município de São Paulo (1930-2015)

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Silva, Luciano Abbamonte da
Alvim, Angélica Tanus Benatti
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Antonucci, Denise
Kubrusly, Violêta Saldanha
Arquitetura e Urbanismo
This study discusses the relationship between water and city, between rivers and streets, and analyzes the formation, transformation and consolidation of the urban site of São Paulo from a unit of physical geography, the watershed. Different scales of insertion of the watershed in the territory are considered, and stand out, as the main components of the research, hydrography, site plasticity and urban infrastructure. In this context, the area of the Tiquatira watershed in the Penha area was chosen as a case study. The year of 1930 was set as the starting point of the time frame, for reveal, based on the SARA Brazil cartography, the wealth of the previous site and the character of coexistence between the urban center of the region and all the waterways. Currently, however, the picture is the reverse, and the site plasticity - particularly the valley bottoms and amphitheaters springs - has been completely transformed for the sake of good urban soil creation, and hydrography of the previous site was converted, almost entirely, on a road system, part of a network of metropolitan infrastructure. This study consists of two parts: the first presents a concept of watershed and its conversion into urban site, in Chapter 1; briefly contextualizes the transformation of urban São Paulo due to the Tiete River and its tributaries, in Chapter 2; and discusses the historical formation of Penha region, highlighting some relevant factors in its transformation and urban consolidation in chapter 3. Part II, Chapter 4, describes the construction of the method used for the analysis of watershed inserted in the urban fabric, highlighting the relationship between hydrography, site plasticity, local fabrics and a network of metropolitan infrastructure, and highlights the conflicts in this joint.
bacia hidrográfica , rede de infraestruturas metropolitanas , sítio urbano , São Paulo , microbacia hidrográfica do Córrego Tiquatira
SILVA, Luciano Abbamonte da. Entre hidrografia e infraestruturas urbanas: a microbacia hidrográfica do Tiquatira no município de São Paulo (1930-2015). 2016. 261 f. Dissertação( Arquitetura e Urbanismo) - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, São Paulo .