Reciclagem do entulho da indústria da construção civil

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Alipio, Ana Paula Rattis
Bruna, Gilda Collet
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Florio, Wilson
Fernandes, Valdir
Arquitetura e Urbanismo
Modern society has a main characteristic, the high generation of waste, much of it is of CDW (Construction and Demolition solid-waste). The accelerated growth and rapid consolidation of the cities resulted in various forms of allocating large waste volumes, generated by daily activities. This huge generation of CDW together with the practices of contemporary life, degrade the quality of the urban centers life. To solve this problem caused by the remains it is needed first the awareness of the issue, knowledge or the production of the current CDW. This Master research proposes the origin of the CDW s study, its destination and recycling or reduction in order to positively affect the environment sustainability: by encouraging the use of recyclable materials and organization of the collected materials; by minimizing the problems of illegal landfills and encouraging regular CDW s deposition as established by the city management. The debris should be seen as a source of great use for the civil construction
sustentabilidade , reciclagem , reutilização de resíduos , construção civil , demolição , sustainability , urban centers , demolition
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