Território híbrido multinível: vitalidade emaranhada

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Oliveira, Adriana Monzillo de
Villac, Maria Isabel
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Zein, Ruth Verde
Fehr, Lucas
Andrade, Nelson
Fonseca, Nuno de Azevedo
Arquitetura e Urbanismo
This thesis investigates an alternative for the development and qualification of the urban territory densification process, in which the increasing verticalization of the volume is accompanied by an increase in the volume’s mass on the city floor, now divided into street level, underground and/or upper floor, as an approach to ensure an amount of activities, circulations and free areas for the development of social practices compatible with the implemented densification volume. It’s the presentation of a new concept called MHT - Multilevel Hybrid Territory, and the main hypothesis is that by incorporating it, into the city’s urban design, it’s possible to significantly increase the volume of collective use spaces, for the development of social practices that ensures the urban vitality and assures the fulfillment of the social function of the urban land. The work is divided into two research aspects: theory and practice. In the theoretical part the main concepts that underlay the work are presented. In the practice part, the occurrences related to the imminence of concept formulation are investigated, and a projetual test is developed as an instrument for materialization and questioning for the proposed scenario. The concept for MHT - Multilevel Hybrid Territory is generated with the interchange of conceptual theory and a set of practical studies as a questioning method
desenho urbano , adensamento urbano , espaço de uso coletivo
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OLIVEIRA, Adriana Monzillo de. Território híbrido multinível: vitalidade emaranhada. 2016. 317 f. Tese (Arquitetura e Urbanismo) - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, São Paulo .