Da página do livro à tela do computador: um percurso histórico para a poesia infantil

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Russel, Gisele Maia
Lajolo, Marisa Philbert
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Camargo, Luís Hellmeister de
Madeira, Wagner Martins
At this work, we try to design a fast historical course of the Brazilian poetry for children, considering its publication since the end of the nineteenth century until the poetics constructions that could become concrete with the popularization of the computers and the internet: the ciberpoems. At first, we made a panoram that tries to suggest some significant changes the new techonologies brought to literature, especially to the relations that involve three elements that constitutes a literary system according to a social view of literature supported by Antonio Candido: writer, text and public. Following, through a historical course of poetry, we expose some aspects better evidenced on ciberpoems that had already been found in texts of different times and styles: visuality, sonority, movement and sinestesy. Finally, through the investigation of the historical of Brazilian literature for children, we present a fast analyse of Sérgio Capparelli s poems, writer who demonstrates in his work the transition of poetry between books and screens, showing the harmonic convivention between both that we are trying to suggest.
literatura infantil , poesia , poesia visual , ciberpoesia , hipertexto , literature for children , poetry , visual poetry , ciberpoetry , hypertext