Um perfil de Maria da Pureza Monteiro Lobato

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Martins, Raquel Endalécio
Lajolo, Marisa Philbert
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Pelegrino, Ana Lúcia Trevisan
Atik, Maria Luiza Guarnieri
Silva, Raquel Afonso da
Moraes, Marco Antonio de
This thesis is result of a research on Maria da Pureza de Gouvêa Natividade’ (1885 - 1959) life, José Bento Monteiro Lobato’s (1882 - 1948) wife. Purezinha (as family members called her, even though she was married to one of the greatest Brazilian writers, has been kept behind the scenes). In this first draft of her biography, we find in her family influential political and intellectual figures from São Paulo, for instance the abolitionist Antonio Bento and the modernist Thiollier. Considering that the recent literary studies expanded the limits of their corpus for beyond the trinity: author, reader, and work, the studies about Mulheres de escritores [Writer’s wives] has gained more space. This thesis drew , fundamentally, upon the selection and analysis of the Lobato’s letters, which mentioned her: Barca de Gleyre (1944), Cartas Escolhidas (1959), Cartas de Amor (1969) and Quando o carteiro chegou (2010). Through these letters, it was possible to have a glimpse of aspects of her private and intellectual life, and aspects of how she managed Lobato’s memory after 1948. The research also dug into – available in the thesis – register of her school life at Escola Caetano de Campos in São Paulo, and a notebook with the register of her readings, and notes for an eventual biography of her husband.
Purezinha (Maria da Pureza de Gouvêa Natividade) , Monteiro Lobato , Mulheres de escritores , correspondência
MARTINS, Raquel Endalécio. Um perfil de Maria da Pureza Monteiro Lobato. 2018. 84 f. Tese (Letras) - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, São Paulo .