Perspectivas feministas e de masculinidades: o papel do Poder Judiciário na desconstrução da violência contra a mulher

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Araujo, Klariene Andrielly
Bertolin, Patrícia Tuma Martins
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Ribeiro, Hélcio
Freitas Júnior, Antonio Rodrigues de
Direito Político e Econômico
This dissertation focuses on analyzing what has been done in combating violence against women, which will be held through feminist perspectives and masculinities, highlighting the role of the judiciary, and focusing on groups with authors of violence. Thus, considering the initiatives with men, looking to sensitize them about the implications of gender inequality in society and behavior change possibilities, one law analysis is also necessary, since there are legal issues involved in reflective activities of these groups, revealing that even the Judiciary plays a role in the deconstruction of violence against women. In this sense, this dissertation sought to 1) understand the struggle for women's rights and against violence; 2) present the reality of violence on data and statistics; 3) know the protection law; 4) point out the actions and judicial policies of combating violence against women; 5) and understand the discussion of masculinities and focus groups with men who have practiced violence. Of course, the society has advanced the design of the social role of women, mainly through the struggle of the feminist movement, but beyond comprehension as female condition, it is important to consider the look on masculinities, understanding that violence against women must be analyzed as a complex relationship involving victim and perpetrator, or rather, women victims of violence and men author of violence. In short, the work with men who have used violence reflects a paradigm shift stemming from the discussions on gender equality, and it involves the search for a social transformation. Therefore, groups with authors of violence expand the vision of violence against women, not only as a woman‟s concern, also involving the man in the deconstruction and construction of new social relations, not taken by gender inequality.
feminismo , masculinidade , violência contra a mulher , poder judiciário , gênero
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ARAUJO, Klariene Andrielly. Perspectivas feministas e de masculinidades: o papel do Poder Judiciário na desconstrução da violência contra a mulher. 2016. 243 f. Dissertação( Direito Político e Econômico) - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, São Paulo.