Saúde mental do trabalhador: a proteção normativa insuficiente como óbice para um regime jurídico preventivo dos riscos psicossociais

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Baruki, Luciana Veloso Rocha Portolese
Bertolin, Patrícia Tuma Martins
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Hanashiro, Darcy Mitiko Mori
Tonelli, Maria José
Direito Político e Econômico
Mental health problems associated with the work environment have achieved, in the beginning of this century, unprecedented levels. The intensity by which these problems appear, along with the exponentially pattern through which they have been growing, are factors that have transformed mental disorders caused by the exposure to psychosocial risks/hazards at work in such an expressive problem, which can no longer be ignored. In the first part, by addressing the psychosocial called emerging occupational risks, we sought to understand the extent to which they reveal themselves as a category of legal interest. It was thus necessary to find the theoretical basis for a psychosocial approach of the occupational risks so that we could dissect the pathologies increasing afterwards. In a second part, it was developed a legal discussion itself, which was intended to reveal, in specific terms, how insufficient protection stands as an obstacle to the implementation of a framework of preventive psychosocial risks/hazards situations at work. More generally, there was an intention throughout the whole text itself that was not to lose sight of how much suffering and mental illness fall under the Political and Economic Law as a problem that affect primarily the citizenship issues and the construction of a supposed free and fair and society. In this sense,the optics of the psychodynamics of work served as a support for tackling the subject from the viewpoint of work organization instead of the individual approach in coping with stress.
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