Alpha-alumina synthesis using gamma-alumina powders

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Minerals, Metals and Materials Series
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Munhoz Junior A.H.
Galhardo G.F.
Ortega F.S.
Lima N.B.
Moraes D.A.
Miranda L.F.
Valenzuela-Diaz F.R.
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© The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society 2019.Alpha-alumina is a ceramic material with applications as a biomaterial in femoral prostheses and teeth. The study of the influence of the precursor powder on the microstructure and mechanical properties of the alumina obtained is extremely important for the use of the same as biomaterials. Other applications of alpha-alumina industrially are in obtaining parts used at high temperatures and in chemically aggressive environments. Alpha-alumina can be synthesized from different raw materials resulting in ceramic products with different microstructures and consequently with diverse mechanical resistance. The synthesis of alpha-alumina pieces obtained from gamma-alumina powders was studied in order to verify the mechanical properties of the sintered material. The addition of graphene oxide in the gamma-alumina powder was also studied. To evaluate the mechanical strength of the obtained alpha-alumina specimens and to correlate the mechanical resistance with the precursor used in alpha-alumina synthesis it was used three -point bend strength testing.
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Aggressive environment , Alpha alumina , Femoral prosthesis , Gamma alumina , Mechanical resistance , Microstructure and mechanical properties , Pseudo-boehmite , Sintered materials
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