Missões em Atos dos Apóstolos: dos Pentecostes ás propostas evangelísticas do Apóstolo Paulo

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Cardoso, Anderson Carlos Gomes
Ribeiro, Lídice Meyer Pinto
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Gutierrez, Jorge
Dolguie, Jaqueline Ziroldo
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The present work reflects on the evangelistic proposals of the Apostle Paul, trying to analyze how these initiatives can apply the contingencies of contemporaneity. This analysis of the missions in the book of Acts of the Apostles underscored the role of the greatest New Testament missionary, namely the Apostle Paul. It has its relevance in the society in which it lives, exercising its protagonism for what it has been called, fulfilling its missionary mandate through its missionary trips, which were essential for the expansion of the Gospel in the beginning of the Primitive Church. As a central problem, the following question was raised: What is the Pauline contribution in Acts through his evangelistic actions, to the construction of a missiological consciousness in Christendom? The purpose of the work is to analyze what evangelistic actions used by Paul can still be used today by Christendom in its Good News announcing mission. The research qualifies, methodologically, as a bibliographical survey through the consultation of several bibliographical sources besides the Holy Bible itself. The research contextualizes itself as contribution and incentive for other works on the subject, as well as, it serves as contribution to the academic community. In view of the researcher's proposal, the work indicates that the Pauline evangelistic actions can be used as a basis for the current mission of the church, serving as a theological foundation and missionary motivation. Keywords
missões , Paulo , ações , evangelísticas , missiologia
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CARDOSO, Anderson Carlos Gomes. Missões em Atos dos Apóstolos: dos Pentecostes ás propostas evangelísticas do Apóstolo Paulo. 2018. 120 f. Dissertação ( Ciências da Religião) - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, São Paulo .