O Betel Brasileiro: estudo da transição de uma instituição religiosa tradicional para pentecostal

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Silva, Gilberto da
Bitun, Ricardo
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Campos, Breno Martins
Cardoso, Douglas Nassif
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The present study has the purpose to discourse on the Brazilian Bethel, a Pentecostal Evangelical organization with more than 75 years of existence under the female leadership. Originally, the small educational establishment for protestant young women, that appeared in the hinterland of the Paraíba in 1935, was traditional and foreign; however, in the middle of Sixties, the institution became nationalized and hybrid when adhering to the Pentecostal belief. In this way, the recherché looks for understanding the possible reason of the transition of the traditional and foreign Bethel for a Pentecostal and Brazilian Bethel, as well as to know its expansion between 1968 and 2008. For such, it approaches the object from the perspective of Sciences of the Religion, having the case‟s qualitative study as method of empirical inquiry, that allows to deal with social cultural phenomena whose limits are not defined clearly. Also, it was used the bibliographical research, the interviews and the collection of life history. Several theoreticians were consulted to substantiate the study; pointing out Weber, to comprehend the human being actions‟, and Bourdieu, for appraising the institutions as agents of social integration. Then, the study concludes that the nationalization and the hybridism contributed to extend the acceptance of the alluded religious-educational institution into the mélange religious field of the Brazilian Protestantism of the investigated period.
protestantismo , transição religiosa , hibridismo , Betel Brasileiro , relações de gênero , protestantism , religious transition , hybridism , Brazilian Bethel , gender s relations