The Dielectric Tensor for Magnetized Dusty Plasmas with Superthermal Plasma Populations and Dust Particles of Different Sizes

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Brazilian Journal of Physics
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Galvao R.A.
Ziebell L.F.
Gaelzer R.
de Juli M.C.
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We present general expressions for the components of the dielectric tensor of magnetized dusty plasmas, valid for arbitrary direction of propagation and for situations in which populations of dust particles of different sizes are present in the plasma. These expressions are derived using a kinetic approach which takes into account the variation of the charge of the dust particles due to inelastic collisions with electrons and ions, and features the components of the dielectric tensor in terms of a finite and an infinite series, containing all effects of harmonics and Larmor radius, and is valid for the whole range of frequencies above the plasma frequency of the dust particles, which are assumed to be motionless. The integrals in velocity space which appear in the dielectric tensor are solved assuming that the electron and ion populations are described by anisotropic non-thermal distributions characterized by parameters κ∥ and κ⊥, featuring the Maxwellian as a limiting case. These integrals can be written in terms of generalized dispersion functions, which can be expressed in terms of hypergeometric functions. The formulation therefore becomes specially suitable for numerical analysis. © 2011 Sociedade Brasileira de Física.
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