A ditadura do mau-humor: uma análise sobre o humor no movimento evangélico brasileiro no período do regime militar, dos anos 1964 a 1985

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Pirola Filho, Ruben
Ribeiro, Lidice Meyer Pinto
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Gomes, Antonio Máspoli de Araújo
Cunha, Magali do Nascimento
Ciências da Religião
This study analyzes the development of a new posture and consequently a new language of religious propaganda emerged in the Brazilian evangelical movement during the period of the military regime, more humorous and better contextualized culturally. It is a qualitative research, based on references in the movement, which had a crucial importance at that time, bringing a contribution in the arts –music, puppet animation, graphic arts, print communication and also in the development of a new generation of believers – establishing new patterns of behavior and languages within the scope of religious experience. The methodological procedures adopted were mainly recording the observations with photos, musical recordings, audio records and interviews. The theoretical basis of the study was primarily based on the references of sociology and the anthropology of religions, arts and communication. Analyzes and interpretations of the data reveals that humor and religion should not be separated or viewed as irreconcilable. It is also possible, from the analyzes carried out, to perceive a permanent tension between humor and institutionalized religion, especially among those who still wish to remain in power within the religious field, even at the expense of their ideals and profession of faith. The humor that makes a speech light, also threatens those who cannot see lightness or naturalness in relation to the Immanent, the Godhead. The analysis also reveals that humor can be a powerful ally in communicating the values of spirituality and the Christian religion. Those who took advantage of it, managed to gather more followers, touching the Brazilian culture much more effectively, even before they even had access to mass media.
cristianismo , humor , movimento evangélico , ditadura militar brasileira , cristianismo reformado
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PIROLA FILHO, Ruben. A ditadura do mau-humor: uma análise sobre o humor no movimento evangélico brasileiro no período do regime militar, dos anos 1964 a 1985. 2018. 235 f. Dissertação (Ciências da Religião) - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, São Paulo, 2018.