The effect of high Brazilian interest rates on a logistical optimization strategy

dc.contributor.authorDe Aguiar Vallim Filho A.R.
dc.description.abstractLogistics is today one of the most important areas in global economy, and facility location is considered the most important logistic decision. This paper used optimization models to analyze the effect of a high Brazilian interest rate on this logistical strategic decision. A mixed integer linear programming model was combined to a non linear cost model in order to support a facility location decision. An experiment with real data was conducted, and the research showed how optimal solutions may change significantly as the capital cost, which is a key model parameter, varies from very low values to extremely high ones. The models, the experiment and a set of interesting results are discussed in this paper.
dc.relation.ispartofProceedings ICIL 2010 - International Conference on Industrial Logistics "Logistics and Sustainability"
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dc.titleThe effect of high Brazilian interest rates on a logistical optimization strategy
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