A proposal for the next generation of ISDB-Tb using FBMC in a SDR implementation on GNU radio environment

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2016 8th IEEE Latin-American Conference on Communications, LATINCOM 2016
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Almeida J.J.H.
Akamine C.
Lopes P.B.
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© 2016 IEEE.Digital TV standards are continuously evolving in order to provide users with livelier experiences. Nowadays, the trend in digital TV is to investigate the evolution of present systems to enable the transmission of 8K video programs. In order to do so, the physical layer of the system has to be adapted to be able to transmit the required bit rate. On the other hand, the modulation technique Filter Bank Multi Carrier (FBMC) has been widely studied in many communication systems, like 5G and WiMax, as a viable alternative to Orthogonal Frequency Multiplexing (OFDM). This fact stems from the better utilization of bandwidth (greater spectral efficiency) and more robustness to interferences in FBMC. This paper presents a study of the use of FBMC in Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting Terrestrial B (ISDB-TB), developing a complete software radio model on GNURadio, and accomplishing comparisons with the OFDM system. The GNURadio has been an important tool in order to simulate communications system, due to fact that it is a free and open source software, that allows analyzes and measurements in real time.
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Communications systems , FBMC , Free and open source softwares , GNURadio , Modulation techniques , Orthogonal frequencies , Software-defined radios , Spectral efficiencies
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