An Open Educational Game Based on Re-Purpose for Teaching Technical English in the Context of Computer Programming at Brazil

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CEUR Workshop Proceedings
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da Silval J.P.
Silveira I.F.
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© 2020 for this paper by its authors.Students of Information Technology (IT)-related undergraduate courses often face barriers like insufficient prerequisites for difficult subjects and lack of motivation. The completion of abstract tasks like logical thinking, algorithm design and programming often gets harder than usual, since frequently they require basic knowledge of some foreign language, explicitly English. In the context of non-native English-speaking countries, the IT students can face a specific problem of having to write programming codes using keywords and commands mainly in English; In this sense, the goal of this paper is to present the repurposing of an open-source conventional, entertainment-driven 2D game to an educational game to teach technical English, related to programming fundamentals. An alpha version of the educational game has been delivered and a subjective experiment was carried out with a sample of 42 IT students and the results of the paper show that the repurposing was done in a straightforward way.
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Algorithm design , Educational game , Game modding , Game remix , Game-Based , Logical thinking , Open educational resources , Repurposing , Technical english , Undergraduate Courses