A case study of gamification and PBL integration as an active learning pathway

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International Symposium on Project Approaches in Engineering Education
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Saut A.M.
Vieira M.
Maestrelli N.C.
Vicente S.
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© 2023 University of Minho. All rights reserved.This paper presents a case study of gamification and PBL (Problem-Based Learning) integration as toolbox to enhance active learning and to promote problem-solving skills. Gamification can be defined as using game design techniques, game thinking, and game mechanics to improve non-game contexts, with the aim of increasing user interactivity. PBL is one of the learning techniques that use problems as a context for students to get into practice about critical thinking and to obtain knowledge from subject matter problems. An experience was carried out using Quality Tools gamification that was developed for undergraduate students of Mechanical Engineering. These experiences were developed using the teaching role in PBL to set problems, ask questions, and to facilitate students' comprehension. The integrated use of gamification and PBL might turn students into more independent learners, allowing selected learning strategies, and to become able to control the learning process and exploring their creativity. Some results based on student's perspective are showed in this paper. The results shown a comparison between different scenarios for traditional learning methods application and active learning, and the conclusions indicated the benefits of active learning comparing with traditional learning methods. However, it is possible to understand the importance of technology advancement and its significant influence on gamification and PBL integration. It's possible to conclude that the investigated strategy makes problem-based learning process more efficient. The results of this case study have shown that the use of several technologies supported by gamification can increase the chance of improving the learning process.
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