Brazilian agribusiness: Analysis of the consequences of digital transformation on environmental sustainability

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Advances in Environmental Research
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Furquim N.R.
Araujo L.
Vercosa L.C.
Araujo M.M.
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© 2021 Nova Science Publishers, Inc.The Brazilian agribusiness plays an important role in the national Gross Domestic Product and is significantly important for the countrys export agenda. Due to its importance in the national economy, the increasing relevance of environmental sustainability and the current insertion of digital transformation technologies, there are perceived liaisons among those technologies applications in the agribusiness sector and the environmental sustainability development. This study aimed at analyzing the consequences of the digital transformation technologies on the Brazilian agribusiness environmental sustainability. The main digital transformation technologies applied on the Brazilian agribusiness sector aiming at the improvement of environmental sustainability were identified. Big data, internet of things and artificial intelligence are relevant and bring significant contributions to that sector. A field research with a qualitative approach was carried out, by means of interviews with professionals acting in the areas of technology, environmental sustainability, and agribusiness. The Content Analysis methodology was used to process the collected data. The results of the study indicate that the use of digital transformation technologies in the agribusiness sector leads to mostly positive consequences. The continuous access to information makes it possible to take more assertive decisions and actions, leading to a better productivity control, minimizing losses and providing a more effective use of inputs, promoting the growth of the agribusiness sector environmental sustainability.
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