PYP4Training: designing digital games for business process training

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Business Process Management Journal
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Lopes T.N.
Araujo R.M.
Classe T.M.
Sant'Anna F.S.
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© 2024, Emerald Publishing Limited.Purpose: Business process training is a crucial activity in the business process management lifecycle, performed whenever an organization needs to train workers about how to carry out their activities according to defined processes, after significant process changes, or whenever new workers come on board. Due to their motivational character, serious games have been understood as an unconventional alternative to support training in organizational processes. Still, methodologies to design serious digital games specifically for business process training are missing in the literature. This research paper presents a method – Play Your Process for Training (PYP4Training) – for designing digital games for business process training. Design/methodology/approach: The research is guided by design science research methodologies and comprises the adaptation of Play Your Process (PYP), a method for designing business process-based digital games (BPBDG). PYP activities and supporting tools were shaped to cope with the specific requirements of BPBDG design for process training purposes, bringing to light a new method: PYP4Training. Findings: PYP4Training was evaluated by designing a BPBDG for training a heavy equipment maintenance process in a multinational mining company. The game was evaluated by process owners and actors who reported a positive perception of the game as an option for process training. However, there is still space for improving trainees' engagement. Originality/value: The research proposes an innovative way for business process training using digital games. Nevertheless, literature shows a lack of systematic procedures to build such games and results about their use.
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