Brazilian scientific literature about autism spectrum disorders Literatura científica brasileira sobre transtornos do espectro autista

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Revista da Associacao Medica Brasileira
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Teixeira M.C.T.V.
Mecca T.P.
Velloso R.L.
Bravo R.B.
Ribeiro S.H.B.
Mercadante M.T.
de Paula C.S.
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Objective. This study is a systematic review aiming to conduct a general analysis of the scientific production covering publications of Brazilian authors about ASD in the period from 2002 to 2009. Methods. The bibliographic search was conducted in the following scientific databases: PUBMED, SciELO, LILACS and portal CAPES, by using keywords such as autism and pervasive developmental disorders. Results. A total of 93 papers were identified mainly produced by authors from tSoutheast Brazil and from public universities. Approximately one third of the papers was published in journals with a level of impact factor that ranged from 0.441 to 3.211; most of them were based on small sample sizes. Identified were 140 dissertations/theses; 82.1% were masters theses. The major research topic was related to intervention programs addressing ASD. Conclusion. This review shows that Brazilian researchers are interested in the ASD theme, however, a large part of this scientific production is concentrated in dissertation/masters theses and the minority of papers was published in journals with a high impact factor. Results of this systematic review suggest the need for studies with larger sample sizes which would produce greater impact and visibility in the Brazilian scientific production in the field of the ASD.
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