Sistemas integrados de gestão (ERP) para apoio à decisão: um estudo com empresas têxteis

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Santos, Cidnei de Souza dos
Perez, Gilberto
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Imoniana, Joshua Onome
Prado, Edmir Parada Vasques
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The aim of this research is to better understand the factors related to the integrated management systems and its influence on decisions made by managers of companies in the textile industry in Brazil. The design chosen to do this work was quantitative and descriptive. The data collection was done through electronic questionnaire and the rate os response was 52 participants from textile companies. The data analysis was done using the techniques of factor analysis and multiple linear regression with the assist of the program SPSS V17®. The data was collected between April and May 2011. As a result of the research, we have identified five factors directly linked to the characteristics of integrated management system and the decision making process of the respondents. Among these factors are: the integration and improvement of control, process standardization and improvement of results and business performance. The contribution of this work is that it can help managers of companies in the textile sector (or other sectors), which are in early stages or planning the implementation of integrated management system.
sistema integrado de gestão , ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) , tomada de decisão , setor têxtil , integrated management system , ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) , decision making , textile sector
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