Obliquely propagating Alfvén waves in a Maxwellian dusty plasma

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Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion
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Gaelzer R.
De Juli M.C.
Schneider R.S.
Ziebell L.F.
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A kinetic formulation developed to analyze wave propagation in dusty plasmas, which takes into account the charge variation of the dust particles, is utilized to study the propagation and damping of Alfvén waves propagating in oblique directions relative to the ambient magnetic field. A dusty plasma containing spherical and immobile dust grains in a homogeneous ambient magnetic field is considered. The charging process of the dust grains is assumed to be associated with the capture of electrons and ions by the dust particles during inelastic collisions between them and plasma particles. The dispersion relation and the damping rates of obliquely propagating Alfvén waves are obtained assuming Maxwellian distributions for electrons and ions in equilibrium. For the numerical analysis of the dispersion relation we use the average values of the inelastic collision frequency as an approximation, instead of the momentum dependent expressions originally derived in the kinetic formulation, and study the modifications which the presence of the dust particles causes in both the propagation and the damping of the Alfvén waves. In particular is discussed the competition between the different damping mechanisms, namely, the Landau damping and the damping associated with the dust charge variation, and it is shown that the inelastic collision frequency plays a pivotal role in the magnitude of the damping rates. © 2009 IOP Publishing Ltd.
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Average values , Charge variation , Charging process , Damping mechanisms , Damping rate , Dispersion relations , Dust charge variation , Dust grains , Dust particle , Dusty plasmas , Inelastic collision , Landau damping , Maxwellian distribution , Momentum-dependent , N-waves , Oblique direction , Plasma particles
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