Religion and Migration: Visual Representations of Venezuelan Migration in Brazil

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International Journal of Latin American Religions
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Hida R.T.B.
Coutinho S.R.
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© The Author(s), under exclusive licence to Springer Nature Switzerland AG 2024.This article examines the humanitarian crisis stemming from Venezuelan migration to Brazil, focusing on the intersection between religion and migration within visual representations. The text contextualizes Venezuelan emigration, driven by a prolonged political, economic, and social crisis that led millions to seek refuge in neighboring countries, including Brazil. The study highlights how geographical proximity and Brazilian policies have shaped a unique migration profile. The analysis delves into media coverage, revealing how visual representations in the national media play a crucial role in the public perception of Venezuelan migrants. These representations often focus on the humanitarian aspect of migration, with terms like “migration crisis” and “refugees” predominating in the discourse. The article also explores the importance of religion as a facet of the migratory experience, arguing that the religious practices and identities of migrants are intricately linked to reception policies and social integration in Brazil. Through detailed analysis, the text suggests that both the media and academic research actively shape narratives about migration, influencing public policies and the reception of migrants in society. Finally, the article proposes a reflection on the role of visual representations and religion in shaping migration policies and integrating migrants, highlighting the need for more inclusive and effective policies that consider both the visual and religious dimensions of migration.
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