INTERVIEW WITH THE PROFESSOR ROSELI FERNANDES LINS CALDAS, PHD - PRESIDENT OF THE BRAZILIAN ASSOCIATION OF SCHOOL AND EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY Entrevista com a Profa. Dra. Roseli Fernandes Lins Caldas - Presidente da Associação Brasileira de Psicologia Escolar e Educacional Entrevista con la Profa. Dra. Roseli Fernandes Lins Caldas - Presidente de la Asociación Brasileña de Psicología Escolar y Educacional

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Psicologia Escolar e Educacional
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Caldas R.F.L.
Anache A.A.
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© 2021. All Rights Reserved.Professor Roseli Fernandes Lins Caldas, PhD. works in the area of School and Educational Psychology, in the field of education and processes of teaching learning, focusing on studies about students who they are in a situation of learning difficulties. Breaking up with perspective of the medicalization of this phenomenon, her works are inspired in the historical-cultural perspective, advancing in the reflections about activities that aim to contribute to the learning of this students’ group. Her recent searches are directed to the migration and refugee context, highlighting the need for build pedagogical proposals that enable the development of schooling process for those who find themselves in this situation. She is the author of publications and advisor for internships and research and Coordinator of the University Extension Dean’s Program in the Presbyterian University Mackenzie. She is currently President of the Association Brazilian School of School and Educational Psychology (ABRAPEE), in the 2020-2022 biennium. Her contribution synthesis is recorded in this interview performed by Alexandra Ayach Anache, Previous President of ABRAPEE (2018-2020 biennium).
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