Global Public Goods and its international legal protection: an epistemological turn of the debate in the light of principles of political law Bens Públicos Globais e sua proteção jurídica internacional: relocalização epistemológica de um debate à luz de princípios de direito político1

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Giannattasio A.R.C.
Papy L.N.
Nigro R.F.
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© 2020 Revista Direito, Estado e Sociedade.Despite being conceived by Brazilian academics from some areas of expertise, the discussion on Global Public Benefits (GPG) and the different modalities of protection of them by the international order did not find relevance in the legal thinking in the country. To learn more about the International Public Authorities (API) and the role of protecting values ​​dear to humanity - Democracy, Development, Human Rights and Security, the Brazilian epistêmica community in the International Direito must learn the main terms of the debate (concepts, typologies and topics). From a qualitative research based on a bibliographic review (secondary sources), it was possible to reconstruct a general genealogy of the BPG concept. Contudo, not to simply reply in Brazil to foreign academic legal production on the subject,topoi . It is thus argued that, in our studies in International Law, the BPGs (i) can be perceived as discursive expedients that legitimize an exercise of Power (pure and applied) by means of International Law, and that, for that reason, (ii) We can be thought of, not within an economic perspective (distribution of scarce resources), but within a political perspective (horizontal nature of relationships).
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