University Extension as a Complementary Formation of Industrial Engineers

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International Symposium on Project Approaches in Engineering Education
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Vieira M.
Guimaraes G.E.
Severino M.R.
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© 2023 University of Minho. All rights reserved.Recently, all Engineering courses in Brazil had to follow the new National Guideline for Engineering Courses (according to the Resolution #2/2019, of the Federal Council of Education). New curricula, based on competences, were supposed to be deployed until 2022, and these new curricula should privilege University Extension. Almost at the same time, the Resolution #7/2018, also of the Federal Council of Education, established the Guidelines for the Extension on the Brazilian Higher Education, defining the understanding of University Extension, the ways in which it can be done, and establishing that the amount of 10% of the total duration of the courses should be fulfilled with extension activities. With these new regulations, the management teams of undergraduate courses were faced with updating the curricula, without having references. This paper reports the process of construction of a Curricular Referential for Extension Activities for Industrial Engineering Courses in Brazil. Based on the legal rules and on the participation of the community, ABEPRO approved a referential document to be used as a guide for the courses on the process of new curricula proposal.
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