Information Technology Management Styles Under the Prism of the Telecommunications Sector

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Electronic Journal of Information Systems in Developing Countries
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Toledo L.A.
Toledo L.A.
Zilber M.A.
Szafir-Goldstein C.
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© 2009 John Wiley & Sons.In times of high competitiveness between companies, the value of information becomes an important component for executives to make timely decisions to react to adversities of the environment. The use of a system based on information management can provide advantages in decision making. Concomitantly the use of Information Technology by companies has spawned the appearance of various styles in relation to IT management. For a better understanding of the IT concept and its management styles, this work makes use of the single case research method, focusing on a company operating in the telecommunications market. The objective is to characterize the concept of IT, as well as some of its peculiarities. Finally, it confirms that IT management can show how much the information can be treated as an important resource for the company to stay competitive in the market. According to the testimony of those interviewed, it is clear that Motorola in Brazil may be at a great disadvantage in relation to its competition, in relation to the management of an IT infrastructure platform able to contribute to the migration process from a feudal information management style to one that is federalist. In view of this limitation, and although not purchased outside, internal solutions are created and contribute to the formation of an imbalance between the dominance of the user and the dominance of IT.
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