Change Management in a Brazilian Family-Owned Business in the Window and Door Frames: A Case Study

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Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies
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Passos G.V.
de Moraes Gomes Rosa M.T.
de Godoy Ricci M.
Guimaraes D.H.P.
Akkari A.C.S.
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© 2023, The Author(s), under exclusive license to Springer Nature Switzerland AG.The aim of this work was to unveil how a family-owned business impacts change management within a Brazilian family business in the door and window frame industry, located in the São Paulo State. In order to meet that goal, a unique case study was carried out along with a quantitative analysis. A structured questionnaire with close-ended questions was chosen for collecting data, which was composed of 35 questions devoted to factors hindering business changes and 4 questions on sociodemographic issues. The Likert scale of 5 points was chosen. Data were collected by using Google Forms and processed at BioEstat 5.4 software. Qualitative variables were presented by means of absolute and relative frequency distributions, whereas quantitative variables were displayed by using measures of central tendency and dispersion. This study analyzed the factors inhibiting internal organizational change and identified the employee’s awareness of communication and information issues, organization strategy, and internal/external environments. In conclusion, there are some change hindering factors according to the data from the examined sample, such as information not reaching the employees and business units on time, difficulty in adjusting strategy to the external environment, and poor capabilities in handling the pressures arising from it.
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Business impact , Case-studies , Change hindering factor , Change management , Door frame , External environments , Family business , Family-owned business , Sao Paulo , Window frames
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