Prevalence of behavioral problems in adolescents in social vulnerability: Assessment from a parental perspective Prevalência de problemas de comportamento em adolescentes em situação de vulnerabilidade social: Avaliação a partir da perspectiva dos pais Prevalencia de problemas de conducta en adolescentes en situación de vulnerabilidad social: Evaluación desde la perspectiva de los padres

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Lemos Couto I.S.
da Rocha M.M.
Botelho A.C.
de Souza C.L.S.G.
de Oliveira D.B.
de Oliveira I.R.
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© 2020 Universidade de Sao Paulo 1. All rights reserved.Although there are international data on the prevalence of behavioral problems through childhood/adolescence, there is still a need to explore emotional/behavioral problems experienced by Brazilian adolescents, especially in situations of extreme social problems or social vulnerability (SV). This is an observational, cross-sectional study, carried out with a convenience sample, to describe emotional/behavioral problems of adolescents living in a high SV scenario in the city of Salvador-BA, from their parents or guardians’ point of view. Sociodemographic questionnaire and CBCL/6-18 were applied to a sample of 274 adolescents’ parents/guardians. Data analysis found that 20.4% of the sample had problems in the clinical range for CBCL’s Total Problems. Sociodemographic variables can impact behavioral problems in adolescence and need to be investigated. This study adds new data on child and youth psychopathologies at the national level and can promote preventive actions and referrals aimed at this population.
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