Estudo comparativo de desempenho entre o sistema ISDB-TB e DVB-T2

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Esperante, Paulo Guedes
Akamine, Cristiano
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Bedicks Junior, Gunnar
Stolfi, Guido
Engenharia Elétrica
This research presents a comparative study between the ISDB - TB and the second generation of European standard DVB - T2 systems. As a case of study it is demonstrating the information construction technique from the multiplexer system to the signal construction stage for both systems. The ISDB -TB system presents diferent blocks and processing techniques when compared to DVB - T2. On the other hand, these structures have the same principle and can be divided into four stages named source encoding, channel coding, modulation and transmission which are valid for both systems. The diferences and similarities since BTS data entrance to ISDB - TB as well T2-MI to DVB - T2, up to base band generation are presented. The measurements were performed in laboratory and TOV (Threshold of Visibility) criterion was used to analyse both systems performances. Emulations for performance analysis occurred in a channel on the interference (sensibility) absence and in a noisy channel. The noises considered in the experiments were white noise, impulsive noise, multipath and multiple-echoes. These measurements were applied to both studies patterns. The final part of this work presents both systems performance.
DVB - T2 , interferências , ISDB - TB , televisão digital terrestre , testes em laboratório
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ESPERANTE, Paulo Guedes. Estudo comparativo de desempenho entre o sistema ISDB-TB e DVB-T2. 2015. 108 f. Dissertação( Engenharia Elétrica) - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, São Paulo.