Exploratory study on child care in prisons

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dc.description.abstractThe issue of allowing children to be sheltered with their mothers in prison is very controversial and complex due to the punitive nature of correctional institutions, the often violent situations and the highly managed environments. Such environmental conditions are not the most appropriate for healthy child development. The goal of this paper is to report bibliographic research about the custody of children of women prisoners in several countries. Keywords searches were carried out in the main Brazilian databases (Scielo, Bireme, Capes, BVS-Psi) and in international databases (Medline, PsycINFO, Eric). The following keywords were used: nursery, reception, detention, imprisoned, prisoner, prison, detention, detainee, women, maternity, custody, education, rehabilitation, children, children and imprisonment. In total we had access to and analyzed 21 papers. They have been read and thematically analyzed for the construction of this paper. It is an exploratory thematic study on the custody of children of women prisoners. Results show that the understanding of young children's care in prisons, especially in Brazil, is still incipient, which reflects the absence of relevant publications. Internationally, although the amount of published work is still small, we have noticed a recent gradual advancement in the studies, due to the interest of practitioners and researchers on the subject, perhaps by the increasing number of men and women prisoners, especially in the United States, where most of the consulted papers have been produced. This research concludes that the articles indicate fragmented public policies and different situations in each society. It also points to the need of turning attention to this issue in order to promote academic studies in this area, which is also incipient in several countries. Overall, we conclude that regardless of the social and economic situation of each country, child care in prison settings can be beneficial to strengthen the mother-child relationship, for the social rehabilitation of the mother, to reduce chances of recidivism, and to guarantee the child's rights to have access to family and child care, which contributes to full development. © 2013 by Nova Science Publishers, Inc. All rights reserved.
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dc.titleExploratory study on child care in prisons
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