The Idiosyncrasies of Digital Divide in Brazil: A Literature Review on Initiatives of Digital Inclusion

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Lecture Notes in Educational Technology
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de Souza Cruz Ravaglio A.
Muitana G.
da Silva Benites C.
Santana C.
Eliseo M.A.
Silveira I.F.
Martins V.F.
de la Higuera Amato C.A.
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© The Author(s), under exclusive license to Springer Nature Singapore Pte Ltd. 2023.Brazil, a vast country with a population exceeding 200 million inhabitants, faces numerous regional and state-level disparities as well as significant social challenges, which impact on access to education, health, public services, and technology as well. Despite various initiatives implemented over the past decades to address these issues, the digital divide in Brazil persists as a reality. The causes of this divide are intricately linked to social exclusion and inequalities; however, they must be understood beyond mere economic factors—consequently, it is essential to consider additional dimensions when examining this phenomenon. Thus, the primary objective of this paper is to present a longitudinal study on the scholarly output pertaining to Digital Inclusion in the Brazilian context. This study aims to elucidate the progress of research in this field, offering insights into future trends and directions.
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