The impact of the implementation of the quality management system on organisational performance: an action research in a Brazilian brewing manufacture

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Total Quality Management and Business Excellence
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Nicoletti Junior A.
Oliveira M.C.D.
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© 2017, © 2017 Informa UK Limited, trading as Taylor & Francis Group.This paper aims to present a framework for the quality management system implementation for a Brazilian brewing manufacturer and for the impact of the integration of quality methods and quality management tools in organisation performance. The framework’s conception was based on the literature review of quality management and the data collected in an action-research study during 2011–2014 in the studied company. The framework contributed to the strategic orientation of the company based on the balanced scorecard (BSC), associating performance indicators to each BSC perspective. After three years of the quality system implementation, leaving some steps to be met, it is observed that the constant monitoring of the quality management system performance allows for quick decision-making, aiming to establish countermeasures to achieve the proposed goals. This study’s results have practical implications in the proposed framework to increase business performance from the quality management system. More cases in others sectors of the economy should be analyzed, and this case should only be considered in one sector.
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