An experimental study of the solidification thermal parameters influence upon microstructure and mechanical properties of Al-Si-Cu alloys

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Materials Research
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Nascimentoa M.S.
Rogerio Franco A.T.
Frajuca C.
Nakamoto F.Y.
Dos Santos G.A.
Couto A.A.
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© 2018 Universidade Federal de Sao Carlos. All rights reserved.Metals solidification involves the transformation of the molten metal back into the solid state. Solidification structures impact heavily on the final product's characteristics. The microstructure effects on metallic alloys properties have been highlighted in various studies and particularly the dendrite arm spacing influence upon the mechanical properties such as tensile strength has been reported. In the present investigation, Al-10wt%Si-2wt%Cu and Al-10wt%Si-5wt%Cu alloys were directionally solidified upward under transient heat flow conditions. The experimental results include solidification thermal parameters such as tip growth rate and cooling rate, optical microscopy, volume fraction of the eutectic mixture, primary dendritic arm spacing and ultimate tensile strength. Experimental growth laws of primary dendrite arm spacing as a function of the solidification thermal parameters are proposed. The Hall-Petch mathematical expressions were used to correlate the ultimate tensile strength as a function of the primary dendritic arm spacing. It was found that the alloy with higher copper content had a more refined structure. More refined structures had higher ultimate tensile strength values.
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Directionally solidified , Mathematical expressions , Microstructure and mechanical properties , Primary dendrite arm spacings , Primary dendritic arm spacing , Si-Cu alloys , Solidification structure , Ultimate tensile strength
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