Digital luthiery: Entrepreneurship in the music business Luthieria digital: Empreendedorismo no negócio musical

dc.contributor.authorSakamoto R.A.
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dc.description.abstract© 2022, Associacao Nacional de Estudos em Empreendedorismo e Gestao de Pequenas Empresas - ANEGEPE. All rights reserved.Objective of the study: to connect the needs of musicians and practitioners of musical instruments, with those of luthiers and suppliers of tools and accessories of luthiery (production, regulation, repairs and restoration of musical instruments), through a digital platform. Methodology: starting from indications of an opportunity, information was gathered about the Brazilian luthiery market and research was carried out to understand the needs of musicians, luthiers and suppliers, which resulted in the proposal, with the definition of resources, action plan, economic feasibility analysis, implementation and evaluation. Main results: Its implementation started with the development of the platform, and the incubation of the startup in the lab of a São Paulo consultancy was negotiated. Methodological contributions: the method of problem solving and taking advantage of opportunities allowed the elaboration of a viable project to be implemented, for dealing with issues of the reality of a business, such as the startup object of work. Relevance/originality: The proposed business model is innovative, as it is unprecedented in the country, since there is still no application in this market connecting musicians, luthiers and suppliers. Contributions to management: The complexity in preparing the work was high, as it required the support of several companies and professionals for the development of software in language for mobile devices, which allowed the integration with electronic payment solutions,, care with data protection and privacy, hosting services and support of the post-implementation solution, in addition to business disclosure and administration services.
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dc.titleDigital luthiery: Entrepreneurship in the music business Luthieria digital: Empreendedorismo no negócio musical