System of Upper Limb Motor Rehabilitation Training Using Leap Motion and Gear VR in Sessions of Home Game Therapy

dc.contributor.authorCorrea A.G.D.
dc.contributor.authorKintschner N.R.
dc.contributor.authorBlascovi-Assis S.M.
dc.description.abstract© 2019 IEEE.Motor rehabilitation systems using gestural interfaces are becoming common in the treatment of people with disabilities in the upper limbs. In this article we present a serious immersive game that uses the Leap Motion sensor (coupled with Gear VR) to track hand movements in game therapy activities. The game can be customized by the therapist from an mobile app. Information about player performance is collected and stored in a cloud database and can be accessed by the same mobile app. The game was used by five adult with Cerebral Palsy in a preliminary study to evaluate the applicability of use with this population. The results showed that the game has feasibility for use in home game therapy sessions but still presents some technical challenges when used in immersive mode.
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dc.titleSystem of Upper Limb Motor Rehabilitation Training Using Leap Motion and Gear VR in Sessions of Home Game Therapy
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