Equivalence and recombinative reading with musical symbols: Manipulating pitch and duration Equivalência e recombinação com símbolos musicais: Manipulando altura e duração

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de Sousa V.P.
Micheletto N.
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© 2020 Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico. All rights reserved.This study aimed to verify the effect of teaching conditional discriminations with auditory and visual stimuli focused on two properties – pitch and duration –, composed of a Matrix of stimuli on the formation of equivalence relations and recombinative reading through musical symbols. Eight participants were given tasks involving auditory stimuli (A), music notations (B) and music note names (C). The procedure comprised initial evaluations of conditional relations between AB, AC, and A’B’ and A’C’ stimuli, training AB and AC relations, A’B’ and A’C’ recombination tests, and BC, CB, B’C ‘and C’B’ equivalence relations tests. The training was organized in eight cycles, each one consisting of (1) pre-test of the two relations’ Cycle, (2) training the conditional relations of the Cycle and (3) probe with all conditional relations trained and with recombined stimuli. In Cycles 5 to 8, Equivalence Tests (BC, CB, B’C ‘and C’B’) were performed. It was observed that all participants achieved better performances in the final probes (Cycles 4 and 8) than in the initial ones. Participants formed equivalent stimulus classes and the responses were controlled by both sound properties, even when they were recombined to form new notes, indicating the effectiveness of the procedure. Using a Matrix favored the multiple control of stimulus properties and the reading of recombined stimuli. Therefore, its use should be considered when planning the training of musical reading. It is suggested that new studies should train discriminations of both properties, pitch and duration, in each cycle and verify if there is a decrease in the control difference exerted by each property.
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