Intelligent educational assistant based on multiagent system and Context-Aware computing: Educactivecore: Experiment with context-aware and multiagent interaction

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International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications
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dos Santos F.R.
Notargiacomo P.
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© 2015 The Science and Information (SAI) Organization Limited.This paper provides an overview of the current stage of EducActiveCore research, an orchestrated computational model, formed by different areas of artificial intelligent, combined to support personalized assistance to students in distance education process, mainly in interaction with Context-Aware environments. The Context-Aware environment applied in this research is observed in conjunction with IoT technologies. IoT is enabled by the latest developments in smart sensors, RFID, communication technologies, and Internet protocols. The basic premise is to have the resources availability and use arrangements, managed directly without human involvement to deliver a new class of smart environments for students. To support this central idea, a Multiagent model is proposed to assist students in interaction with context, determining autonomously the access to useful resources to students. This article introduces the overall research in progress and, the methods of an experiment tested with basic concepts of this scenario, implemented and used by a group of students in real locations. Results obtained during tests, indicates 93% of successful operation performed by this intelligent model on use prediction of resources and scheduling reservation.
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