Application of the Initial Phases of the SODA Method In The Production Area of a Chemical Industry

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International Symposium on Project Approaches in Engineering Education
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Marques B.D.
Silva C.P.
Gimiliani S.S.
Carvalhal M.A.
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© 2023 University of Minho. All rights reserved.With increasingly uncertain and volatile scenarios, daily problems become ambiguous and complex within companies, which go through adversity on making decisions regarding the interconnection of their employees and internal processes. Increasingly, these decisions about the management of scenarios have become more of a function within the scope of engineers, who leave college with little prepare for these activities guided by soft skills. Thus, the objective is to structure and analyse the socio-technical problems within the production area of the organization in question, identifying their roots and the main issues for improvement, exemplifying the future of engineering job. To achieve this, the initial phases of the Strategic Options Development and Analysis (SODA) method was used to describe the systemic relationships between the problems and their central causes, allowing for a comprehensive view of the area. The main causes identified were the lack of planning and procedures, as well as the fear of the management's reaction. This study provided useful information for the company's leadership to take precise measures to address these issues, improving team interaction and reducing complications in the day-to-day operations of the employees. Additionally, the future work must continue with the SODA method, developing action plans.
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