Model of measurement of meaningful learning in distance learning environments Modelo para Aferição da Aprendizagem Significativa em Ambientes de Ensino a Distância

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Iberian Conference on Information Systems and Technologies, CISTI
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Da Silva V.
Omar N.
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© 2017 AISTI.The assessment methods used in the vast majority of virtual learning environments are not satisfactory for measuring student learning, many of which provide only tools that allow for summative assessment, thus providing incorrect information about learning. Many of these environments are not able to provide responses about student learning and do not provide activities that can be monitored by verifying learning performance. Provide students with activities that can be assessed by process-based instruments, how the conceptual framework is more advantageous and effective than punctuating assessment tools based on multiple-choice, test, or project questions. This article presents a model to assess learning in virtual learning environments through the use of individual and collaborative conceptual maps, student's conceptual organization indexes and previous knowledge index. In this model the conceptual maps are evaluated qualitatively and the results are useful to, among others, define the division of the groups for development of the collaborative conceptual map and to inform the index of the conceptual structure of the student. In addition, the model provides information for students and teachers about learning performance.
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Assessment , Concept maps , Learning , Meaningful learning , Metacognitjion
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