O impacto negativo de tecnologias na saúde mental: um estudo via teoria dos sistemas dinâmicos

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Zara, Márcio Carlos
Monteiro, Luiz Henrique Alves
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Lopes, Paulo Batista
Schimit, Pedro Henrique Triguis
Engenharia Elétrica
We are living in an era driven by technological advances that have had a major impact on people's behavior and daily lives. The dependence on the internet and smartphones has been occurring both in personal and professional life, and teleworking has been gaining space and has become an increasingly common practice. However, negative psychological e ects can be observed in individuals who compulsively use these technologies. Typical psychological problems are stress, anxiety, and addiction. The emergence of the COVID- 19 pandemic accelerated the digitization process. Remote work has been used to minimize the operational impact caused by the economic crisis and is also a way of reducing the spread of the disease, through social isolation. Hence, the pandemic has caused people to increase the number of hours they are connected to the internet, which can exacerbate the negative e ects of using these technologies. In this work, a mathematical model, inspired by epidemiological models, is proposed to investigate the negative e ects of using the internet and smartphones. The model contains four ordinary di erential equations. Each equation represents the temporal evolution of the number of individuals in one of the four groups that compose the population. These groups are composed of individuals who: 1) have never used these technologies, 2) are occasional or moderate users, 3) are regular users, 4) are users who have started to develop serious mental disorders. In the model, an individual can migrate from one group to another spontaneously or through social contact. The model is analyzed by using the dynamical systems theory and the results are discussed in terms of public health and labor relations.
burnout , internet , modelo epidemiológico , sistemas dinâmicos , smartphone , uso problemático de tecnologia , workaholic
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ZARA, Márcio Carlos. O impacto negativo de tecnologias na saúde mental: um estudo via teoria dos sistemas dinâmicos. 2021. 38 f. Dissertação (Engenharia Elétrica e Computação) - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, São Paulo, 2021.