Is there something special about cardiovascular abnormalities and sudden unexpected death in epilepsy among patients with chronic renal insufficiency in regular hemodialysis program?

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Gomes R.A.
Kesrouani S.
Cruz J.
Silva A.L.
Henriques T.M.G.
De Albuquerque M.
Arida R.M.
Sonoda E.Y.F.
Cysneiros R.M.
Terra V.C.
Scorza C.A.
Cavalheiro E.A.
Scorza F.A.
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Of the many risk factors suggested for sudden unexpected death in epilepsy (SUDEP), higher frequency of seizures is a very consistent issue. Following this reasoning, it has been established that hemodialysis-associated seizure is a complication of dialysis procedure. Based on these facts, this study investigated a possible association between cardiovascular abnormalities and SUDEP among patients with chronic renal insufficiency in regular hemodialysis program. For that, a retrospective medical history of 209 patients was reviewed to investigate the occurrence of convulsive seizures and EKG abnormalities during dialytic program. Three patients presented generalized tonic-clonic seizures, one had partial seizure with secondary generalization, and one presented unclassified seizure. Any EKG abnormalities and SUDEP event were found in all patients evaluated. In conclusion, the present findings demonstrated uncommon the occurrence of seizures and also SUDEP. Probably, the main justification to not allow us to demonstrated a direct relation between SUDEP and cardiovascular diseases in hemodialysis are the reduced number of cases examined.
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