Reading Fluency, Word Recognition and Reading Comprehension of Students From the 4th to the 9th Grade of Elementary School: Systematic Review Fluência de leitura, reconhecimento de palavras e compreensão leitora em alunos do 4º ao 9º ano do ensino fundamental: revisão sistemática Fluidez lectora, reconocimiento de palabras y comprensión lectora en estudiantes de 4° a 9° año de educación primaria: revisión sistemática

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Avances en Psicologia Latinoamericana
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Brito G.R.
Ribeiro C.F.
Fernandes P.L.D.
Juliao B.O.
Alves R.J.R.
Seabra A.G.
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© 2022, Fundacion para el Avance de la Psicologia. All rights reserved.Text processing results from the interaction of different cognitive processes, such as word recognition, listening comprehension, and fluency. There is evidence relating to the importance of fluency in predicting reading comprehension, but its role during the course of development is still uncertain. The present systematic review has analyzed national and international research on the relationship between word recognition skills and reading fluency with reading comprehension in students from the 4th to 9th grade. The review was conducted according to the prisma methodology and employed the PubMed database from 2000 to September 2019. The chosen papers answered the orienting question and corresponded to the topic established by the descriptors and keywords. We found 992 articles, of which 904 were excluded by reading the titles and abstracts and 56 by reading the full texts. It was possible to analyze 32 papers. The results suggest that, unlike word recognition, the ability to read fluently tends to uphold a significant relationship with reading comprehension during the second cycle of Elementary School.
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