Dignity in the context of organizations: A look beyond modernity

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© 2017 Mackenzie Presbyterian University. All rights reserved.Purpose: This article aims to reflect, from the perspective of critical post modernity, on a possible conceptual proposition about dignity in organizations. Originality/gap/relevance/implications: In the field of organizational studies, dignity in organizations has not been considered through the perception of a world of intense movement of capital, technology, goods, workers, and employees between organizations, as well as the migration between countries of citizens of different countries. It is argued, therefore, that the design of such phenomenon should examine in depth the respect for different knowledges, besides the idea of interculturalism. Key methodological aspects: As there are few papers written about this theme, our paper is a theoretical essay. Summary of key results: Taking the concept of dignity as a starting point, we tried first to outline a conceptual approach aimed at transposing its sociopolitical perspective, and then to propose a perspective on dignity in organizations that transcends modernity. Ideas on the ecology of knowledges, relationships of shared authority, and respect for the principles of equality and difference, beyond reciprocal recognition and the availability for mutual enrichment, were the qualifying elements in defining our conceptual propositions. Key considerations/conclusions: As a theoretical contribution, we sought to introduce a new perspective on the dignity phenomenon; thus, we tried to break through, in this field of studies, with a view that understands dignity and emancipation as a single concept, in which the new element would be interculturalism.
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