Inferring the Magnetic Field Asymmetry of Solar Flares from the Degree of Polarisation at Millimetre Wavelengths

dc.contributor.authorSilva D.F.
dc.contributor.authorSimoes P.J.A.
dc.contributor.authorHidalgo Ramirez R.F.
dc.contributor.authorValio A.
dc.description.abstract© 2020, Springer Nature B.V.Polarisation measurements of solar flares at millimetre-waves were used to investigate the magnetic field configuration of the emitting sources. We analyse two solar flares (SOL2013-02-17 and SOL2013-11-05) observed by the POlarisation Emission of Millimetre Activity at the Sun (POEMAS) at 45 and 90 GHz, at microwaves from 1 – 15 GHz by the Radio Solar Telescope Network (RSTN), and at high frequencies (212 GHz) by the Solar Submillimetre Telescope (SST). Also, hard X-rays from these flares were simultaneously detected by the Reuven Ramaty High-Energy Solar Spectroscopic Imager (RHESSI). The flux and polarisation radio spectra were fit using a model that simulates gyrosynchrotron emission in a spatially-varying 3D magnetic field loop structure. For the modelling, the magnetic loop geometry was fixed and the field strength was the only free parameter of the magnetic field. In addition, a uniform electron distribution was assumed by the model, with the number density of energetic electrons and the electron spectral index as free parameters. The fitted model reproduced reasonably well the observed degree of polarisation and radio flux spectra for each event yielding the physical parameters of the loop and flaring sources. Our results indicate that the high degree of polarisation during a solar flare can be explained by two sources located at the footpoints of highly asymmetric magnetic loops whereas low polarisation degrees arise from footpoint sources of symmetric magnetic loops.
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dc.titleInferring the Magnetic Field Asymmetry of Solar Flares from the Degree of Polarisation at Millimetre Wavelengths