Cognitive assessment in patients with hepatitis C submitted to treatment with sofosbuvir and simeprevir or daclatasvir Avaliação cognitiva em pacientes com hepatite C submetidos ao tratamento com sofosbuvir e simeprevir ou daclatasvir

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Gascon M.R.P.
Benute G.R.G.
Macedo E.C.
Capitao C.G.
Vidal J.E.
Smid J.
Marcusso R.M.N.
de Lucia M.C.S.
Penalva-De-Oliveira A.C.
Diament D.
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© 2020 Associacao Arquivos de Neuro-Psiquiatria. All rights reserved.Background:Hepatitis C can be defined as an infectious disease that develops an inflammatory activity,which may cause an impairment in the central nervous system, may cause cognitive impairments and symptoms of depression. Objective: The objective of this study was to verify the cognitive performance of patients with chronic hepatitis C before and after treatment with simeprevir, sofosbuvir, and daclatasvir. Methods: A prospective study was carried out in three stages: before, right after treatment, and six months after. Fifty-eight patients under clinical follow-up were evaluated at the Emílio Ribas Infectology Institute, in São Paulo, Brazil. The following instruments were used: sociodemographic questionnaire, Lawton's Scale, Beck's Depression Inventory, and a battery of neuropsychological tests that evaluated: intellectual function, memory, attention, executive function, and motor and processing speed). For statistical analysis, the analyses described (mean, frequency, and standard deviation), chi-square, and ANOVA were used. Results: Most of the participants were male (n=30, 51.7%), with a mean of 58.23±8.79 years, mean schooling of 9.75±4.43 years. Comparing the results of neuropsychological evaluations (before, just after completion of drugs, and six months), a significant improvement was observed in relation to the acquisition of new knowledge (p=0.03), late visual memory (p=0.01), and tendency towards alternate attention (p=0.07). Conclusion: The treatment of the hepatitis C virus improved cognitive performance, especially in relation to memory.
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Antiviral Agents , Brazil , Cognition , Drug Therapy, Combination , Genotype , Hepacivirus , Humans , Imidazoles , Male , Prospective Studies , Simeprevir , Sofosbuvir , Treatment Outcome
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