Analysis of the Degree of Influence of Education and Training Emphases in Three-Dimensional Virtual Learning Environments

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IEEE Latin America Transactions
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Porto Proenca A.
Miranda Neto M.
Godoy Domingues R.
Ribeiro Borges L.
Cardoso A.
Notargiacomo P.
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© 2003-2012 IEEE.This work aims to propose a framework with guidelines applicable to three-dimensional learning environments from the usability heuristics appropriate for these systems, in order to evidence the elements that allow to measure an application within the emphasis on education and/or training. The research was carried out based on a systematic review on immersive three dimensional environment heuristics with an emphasis on education and training. Initially, a compilation of research was done through the digital scientific databases. The heuristics will be presented as a statement and will aim to measure the degree of agreement of the interviewees, for which each statement is associated with a Likert scale of frequency of five points. In this way, the present article proposes an evaluation approach that allows to measure elements through heuristics that can be used by several educational professionals. In addition, the present approach allows the reuse of existing systems, evaluating them according to the application emphasis, which enables the adaptation of a three-dimensional virtual learning environment to both educational and training needs.
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Education and training , Heuristics , Learning environments , Scientific database , Three-dimensional environment , Training and education , Usability heuristics , Virtual learning environments
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