Well-being at work and perception of career success as antecedent for turnover intention Bem-estar no trabalho e percepção de sucesso na carreira como antecedentes de intenção de rotatividade

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© 2015 Mackenzie Presbyterian University. All rights reserved.The aim of this study was to analyze, interpret and discuss the relationship between perceptions of career success, well-being at work and turnover intention of workers in Southeast Brazil. The study gathered 500 employees working in the state of Sao Paulo in non-governmental, public and private organizations. For data collection, an auto-filling questionnaire composed by five scales which measured the research variance. The work aimed to present, interpret and discuss the relations among variances, as well as to test hypotheses regarding the proposed conceptual model, by means of a transversal research in the quantitative approach. The collected data were analyzed by applying parametric statistical techniques (calculation of descriptive statistics: means, standard deviation, T test and correlations; multivariate statistic calculations; analysis of and stepwise multiple linear regression and test of normality of the variables, using the Kolmogorov-Smirnov test). Data treatment and analysis were performed by the statistical software Statistical Package for Social Sciences - SPSS version 18.0. The results showed that the dimensions of well-being at work have a strong and significant impact on turnover intention of professionals, while the perception of career success has contributed to low values in this impact, due to the shape of the hypothetical model. The research led us to conclude that the more the company is concerned with providing an exciting, interesting, and enthusiastic work environment, the fewer professionals consider leaving it.
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