The development of augmented reality systems in informatics higher education

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De A. Souza-Concilio I.
Pacheco B.A.
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Because Augmented Reality (AR) is known as a non-traditional interface, it arouses much interest from several researchers, due to the development of the technology and its applications, and to their social and cultural impacts. Research has shown that learning does occur applying AR to an educational context, but not how potential developers, as undergraduate students, are interested in AR and in which application areas. Thus, this article aims to show the interest of students from four undergraduate courses (Bachelors of Digital Design, Multimedia Production, Information Systems and Computer Science) to develop and use AR for many different applications. The proposal is to contribute to the research with a survey from an initial questionnaire about students' level of knowledge on the subject, their interest in the use of this technology and their intention to develop such systems. After analyzing the results, the goal is to indicate actions that may point ways to the collaborative development of relevant applications in computational terms and to stimulate the work with an Interaction Design that considers the syntactic thought of designer. © 2013 The Authors. Published by Elsevier B.V.
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