Design of a DAC-less PAM-4 integrated optical modulator based on silicon photonics with graphene

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SBMO/IEEE MTT-S International Microwave and Optoelectronics Conference, IMOC 2017
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Marques I.A.
De Oliveira R.E.P.
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© 2017 IEEE.We show the design of a DAC-less PAM-4 optical modulator operating at 1550 nm wavelength based on integrated silicon waveguides embedded with graphene in capacitor-like structures on the top and below the waveguide's core. By balancing the optical modal distribution interacting with the graphene through the waveguide design, it is possible to perform direct modulation of PAM-4 signals aiming the next generation of integrated photonic devices for datacenters and interconnections. We evaluate the device's performance through numerical simulations taking into account the modulation depth, bandwidth, footprint, drive voltages and power consumption. These parameters are functions of graphene's length along the device and for a compact device with a 40 μ m-long waveguide, 6 dB modulation depth and > 50 Gb/s bitrates with sub-pJ per bit power consumption was calculated. The results achieved are promising for the next generation of integrated photonic devices, showing higher bit rates, smaller footprints and lower power consumption compared to the so far proposed DAC-less modulators based on silicon photonics.
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Compact devices , Direct modulation , Integrated photonic devices , Lower-power consumption , Modulation depth , Optical , Silicon waveguide , Waveguide design
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