Mechanical and microstructural aspects observed in 6063 aluminum alloy after thermomechanical treatments

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65th ABM International Congress, 18th IFHTSE Congress and 1st TMS/ABM International Materials Congress 2010
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Monteiro W.A.
Buso S.J.
Ferrari R.B.
Esposito I.M.
Cetlin P.R.
Aguillar M.T.P.
Correa E.C.S.
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In this work is shown the influence of some deformation processes on the mechanical and microstructure of initially annealed 6063 Al alloy (cold rolling or torsion or extrusion and also tensile deformation, individually or a combination of them). The combination of strength and toughness is intimately related to the work hardening. The analysis and control of work hardening has proven to be one of the problems of materials science due to the complexity of the dislocation processes involved and the non homogeneity of their operation within the deforming microstructure together with presence of a multiphase microstructure on the 6063 aluminum alloy (Al-Mg-Si-Fe). During deformation, particles will affect the deformation microstructure and texture (heterogeneities at larger particles; non homogeneity of slip, e.g. shear bands). The obtained results indicate a significant effect of second-phase particles on recrystallization and how to control the resulting microstructure and texture by the use of particles.
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Analysis and controls , Deformation microstructure , Deformation process , Deforming microstructure , Microstructural aspects , Multiphase microstructure , Second phase particles , Strength and toughness